Hearty winter foods to keep you warm

Winter is that time of the year where you can indulge in some comfort food. Of course most people are worried about gaining weight during this period but truth be told some meals are simply best enjoyed in winter regardless of their calorie count. Here are some special, hearty meals that can warm you up during winter

1 Soups
Soup is a filling and warm dish that is mainly savoured in winter. These include carrot soup, butternut soup, potato soup and vegetable soup among a whole lot others. Ensure that your soul is steaming hot when served for the best effect. Chicken soup can reduce the effects of colds and flue while a herbal soup can give you strength and nutrition.

2 Teas
A popular winter saying is that “anytime is tea time”. Indeed tea serves an important role during the cold winter months. It is like an internal thermostat that sets your body temperature to suit the raging cold. Herbal teas are especially good as they give you much needed nutrients and protect you from the cold.

3 Toasted marshmallows and warm milk
Some people have a misconception that these combo is strictly for camp outings. Toasted marshmallows and a glass of warm milk might just be the ideal winter snack

4 Classic warm pies
Baking pies is a must for several people during winter. There is nothing more fulfilling than a piping, hot pie fresh out of the oven during a cold winter’s day

5 Hot chocolate
The sweet and delicious taste of a cup of hot chocolate is every person’s winter dream. Hit chocolate can be paired with some cookies for that extra dose of deliciousness

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