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“I grew up poor” Passion Java clears the air on why he loves to flaunt his assets

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa seems to have ruffled Java’s feathers following his recent message on people that flaunt their assets. Makandiwa said those that have wealth do not parade it for everyone to see but settle in the shadows. This message was made at a time that Prophet Passion Java has been lambasted left, right and centre for showing off his assets.

Java recently bought his wife a brand new Lamborghini as a birthday present. He also owns a Lamborghini himself. Apart from that, the prophet has a large collection of luxury cars, expensive phones and a designer wardrobe. He has been under fire for showing off his treasures and for being too flamboyant.

Java responded to prophet Makandiwa and said he did not see anything wrong with people showing off what they own. He also added that he grew up poor and he still needs to show how far he has made it in his life. Java remarked,”Ndakakura ndichipfeka maslippers and chipikiri pasi saka ndisiyeyi please, ndisiyeyi ndichifara”. Java is no stranger to controversy and was recently embroiled in a nasty public argument with Mai Titi. She also castigated his behaviour of showing off.

Zimbabwe has several rich people that live to flaunt their wealth. Ginimbi, Chivhayo, Chatunga and Pokello are all famous for bragging about their lavish lifestyles. Java, however seems to take the prize. He is always online, revealing his prized possessions.

Some people have advised the prophet to take a step back and live in humility as is expected of men of God. Others have questioned his source of wealth.

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