Mai Dhuterere,VP Chiwenga make the headlines at National day of prayer

The National day of prayer was held on Monday at State House having been declared by the president. As gospel musicians and dignitaries graced the event, drama was not far off and social media has been abuzz with comments.

Mai Dhuterere had a rough fall after one of their performances. She did not see it coming when after finishing off a song, she walked backwards and tumbled into a large speaker. What resulted was a large thud leaving most people feeling sorry for her. She winced in pain as her husband rushed to lift her up. Mai Dhuterere has been the topical subject on the streets of social media. While some have been pitying her, others had no kind words. Most people have been bashing her and her husband for even having attended what they called the “circus” gathering.

VP Chiwenga also made the headlines after dismally failing to pronounce a word. It is not yet confirmed whether the “diripitating” that he reffered to meant delapidating or debilitating or or some similar word. What people heard was a word that had no meaning and could almost pass off as a Shona word. The VP constantly fails to pronounce that word and it is always present in his speechs. The day of prayer was indeed filled with drama and those that were opposed to the event had something woty talking about.

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