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Mai Titi mobilises funds for Marabha’s treatment

Samuel Manjalima popularly known as Marabha has been reported to be ailing.The comedian is in a pathetic state and calls for help were made early this week. He was reported to be in need of 15 000 rtgs for him to get medical attention. Celebrities and ordinary people pleaded with those that could assist to help him.

Mai Titi has managed to mobilise resources and raised USD 600 for fellow comedian. She announced the news recently and showed the proof of payment on social media. The money will be enough to cover for his medical expenses

Most people expressed gratitude to Mai Titi for looking out for others in the entertainment industry. She was praised for her commitment and show of love. Marabha is popular for his hillarious skits and tooth gaps. His infectious smile has won over the hearts of many over the years.

Marabha rose to fame after partnering with Kapfupi on their street theatre acts. The two became the face of comedy in Zimbabwe back in the days. They shaped the way people perceive street acts and introduced a growing attraction to such. Most people were heartbroken to see one of the most talented comedians in the country ailing and looking frail. He clearly touched the hearts of many.

The current situation with Marabha has also exposed the unfair treatment of those in the entertainment industry in the country. Most artists do not get much money out of their craft and in the event of such tragedies they are left struggling. Mai Titi has however been commended for stepping in

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