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Mai Titi’s greatest fear revealed

Comedian Felistas Murata commonly known as Mai Titi just revealed one her biggest fears. The comedian was all nerves as she say down for a covid 19 screening test. So shaken up was she that the person doing the test had to try more than once to get the cotton swab up her nose. Mai Titi could not hold still much to the amusement of her fans.

Most people were shocked to learn that under the tough exterior lies a much softer woman who could be scared of having a small stick shoved up her nose. Mai Titi could not contain herself and had to ask the nurse to stop several times before she finally yielded and allowed her to take a sample for screening.

Mai Titi recent shared the video of her test and had fans rolling in laughter. The test was done as standard procedure since she had just come back from the U.K. The comedian had been locked up overseas where she has some shows lined up as well the opportunity to mix and mingle with other Zimbabweans living there and making new videos.

Mai Titi is one versatile woman and could flourish in any trade. Apart from being a comedian, she is also an accomplished singer, a master of ceremonies and a business owner. Although her recent confrontation with Passion Java might have dampened her spirits, she still had time to share some lighter moments of her being screened for the corona virus in such a hillarious manner. The test indeed gave her the jitters

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