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Marabha will now have a home courtesy of Sekuru Banda

Popular traditional healer Sekuru Banda has come to the rescue of ailing comedian Charles Merisi who is popularly known by his stage name, ‘Marabha’ whose plight has captured the attention of the nation. Moved by Marabha’s plight, Sekuru Banda is building a house for the comedian.

It has been said that construction of the house has already started. Sekuru Banda, full name Oman Kamwelo Banda, revealed that he expects that the project will be completed well within the month. He revealed that the house which is being built in Marabha’s Epworth neighbourhood will cost US$12 000. The six-roomed house will also have a solar system and a borehole.

Speaking to online publication NewZimbabwe, Sekuru Banda said,“I am building a house for Marabha, a six-roomed house with a borehole and solar system.“My wish is for Marabha to marry and settle down because he needs a wife who will support him physically and spiritually whenever he needs that support,”The wealthy sangoma also revealed that he had been approached by comedian Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima who entreated him to help his sick friend.

“My son Kapfupi came to plead with me saying his friend was now homeless and in need of help and I promise him that I will come and build a house for him. So, I am here to fulfil the promise,

Marabha was moved by the act of kindness and thanked Sekuru Banda for rescuing him.“I would like to thank Sekuru Banda for keeping his promise after my good friend Kapfupi and his team who appealed to Sekuru Banda for help since I was now homeless and sick but they have all come to my rescue, at least I will now have a home,”

Kapfupi also expressed his gratitude saying that Sekuru Banda was a man of his word,“I am so excited because Sukuru Banda has proved to me that he is a man of his words. He kept his word after I asked if he could also build a house for Marabha. Even when he (Marabha) was in hospital, he was there for him.“We have known Sekuru Banda from way back and he has been helping us since then.“Today he is here to build a house for Marabha. Which has always been my wish that my friend moves from being homeless and helpless to having his own home,”

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