Marabha’s health not yet stable

Ailing actor Charles “Marabha” Mapalume is reported to have suffered a major health scare after he collapsed.According to reports, Marabha was rescued by Mahwindo Foundation boss, Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa who sent her driver to pick him up.Marabha has been suffering from complications caused by a head injury, which has seen him experience occasional fits, blackouts and some form of paralysis.

US based Prophet Passion Java has been assisting the actor with donations and medical billsSo far Passion Java has managed to donate a queen bed, medication and blankets for Marabha through Mahwindo Foundation and has pledged to do more.Marabha’s brother Paradzai Mapalume, who has been looking after him, lauded Mahwindo and her team for their support.In an interview with local publication Hmetro, he said“As a family we are grateful to well-wishers and people like Mahwindo who have been supportive when my brother got seriously ill.

“When Marabha’s condition was shared on social media, we were shocked by the response he received especially from Mama Mahwindo who linked the family with Prophet Passion Java.He then revealed that Marabha collapsed again recently and Mahwindo came to the rescue by sending her driver to ferry Marabha to the doctor.They said Mahwindo has been amazing to them and helped then when they needed it the most.

Marabha’s brother then commended on the dispute which has followed Marabha’s assistanceHe said Mahwindo should ignore Mai TT who blasted her and her partners, saying they’re seeking relevance with Marabha’s illness.“I might not be on social media or WhatsApp but we are not happy with people denouncing Mama Mahwindo and her people.“No one owns Marabha and as we speak right now, all those who are willing to assist can still do so and only God will bless them,” he said.

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