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Marabha’s plight touches the hearts of many.

Most people failed to fully appreciate the plight of comedian Marabha when his story was shared. The funny man was said to be suffering from seizures and was in urgent need of medical care. Celebrities quickly rushed to his aid with Mai Titi mobilising funds of USD 600 to get him into hospital.

Marabha was admitted at Omega centre and is now recovering at home. He has howeveryet to fully recover and occasionally experiences the seizures. It was alleged that someone had knocked him off with a brick on his head resulting in his current medical woes. A video shared by fellow comedian Shugeta shed light on the daily struggles that the comedian is facing. A visit by friends turned into chaos when he experienced a seizure. So sad was the situation that fans confessed to have cried after seeing the video. Marabha is not yet out of danger and evidently needs care and support.

Marabha rose to fame after partnering with Kapfupi in the infamous Street theatre acts. Viewers were done of his wide tooth gaps that made his jokes even more hillarious. He managed to get a lot of followers because if his catchy punchlines and hillarious theatrics. Marabha is now a former shadow of his bubbly and energetic self.

It was also alleged that hard times had hit the comedian and he was failing to make ends meet. Most people were heartbroken at the current status of Marabha whose infectious smile has warmed the hearts of many and lit up the faces of many over the years.

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