MDC trio finally taste freedom

The three MDC activists who had been denied bail on various occasions can now finally taste temporary freedom after being granted bail. The three female activists had been languishing in remand prison for a while following their arrest in May.

The three were initially denied bail after being labelled too influential in that they had relations with the international community and that their release might lead to public demonstrations. The three are being charged with making false reports of being abducted. It has been alleged that the trio claimed to have been abducted by the police, tortured and left for dead. They had indeed allegedly gone missing. The three are said to have been spotted enjoying themselves at an outing with their patners.

The three ladies had been in and out of the courtrooms in a bid to gain freedom through being granted bail to no avail. It is only now that they were granted the temporary freedom.

The issue of abductions has become a common trend in the country. Popular comedian Gonyeti was abducted last year as well as zimdancehall musician Platinum prince. Although the government has alleged that a third uknown force is at play, that has not been verified

The trial of the three activists is set to be heard soon and most people have their fingers crossed that they will be acquitted. Advocate Fadzayi Mahere has been on the forefront, advocating for the release of the three. She said the targeting of female activists is deplorable

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