New guidelines set for dress code of lawyers at Magistrates courts

Lawyers that were used to dressing anyway had a wake up call recently after a new SI set out the guidelines for how they should dress in court. The new instrument prohibits lawyers from wearing bright and shiny clothes and unorthodox attire. Colours permitted at Magistrates courts are now Navy blue, black,grey,brown and white.

The conditions have been relaxed at the lower courts where lawyers appeared wearing semi casual attire at times. This has since been banned.

Courts have maintained strict dress code since decades ago. At magistrates courts, however, lawyers often argued their cases in court wearing brightly colored clothes. The higher courts ha e always maintained a strict approach to dressing.

Most lawyers hailed the new development and said it would ensure uniformity within the court system.

Magistrates courts are established in terms of the Magistrates courts act. They have jurisdiction to hear appeals from the chief’s courts, maintenance cases as well as act as juvenile courts.

It remains to be seen whether the new guidelines as set out in the SI will be adhered to.

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