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Olinda Chapel gives a sneak peek into her new home

Olinda Chapel has given her followers a cute sneak peek into her new home. The UK based socialite hinted recently that she had moved to a new area. Fans were thrilled to get a few pictures of the inside of her house and by the look of things Olinda certainly knows her style. Sharing an image in which she stands over a dining table lines with fine linen and neat colours, Olinda introduces fans to her home. The socialite indeed has fine taste.

Olinda had earlier on opened up about living in a new neighbourhood. She said the neighbours were friendly and she had run into some of them on her morning walks who had introduced themselves to her. The socialite has been treating herself to new things, expensive cars and now a new house.

Olinda seems to have gone on a massive upgrade of her life following her break up with Tytan. She has even been spotted looking slimmer and well toned. She claimed to have gone on a keto diet.

Olinda has also been lending a helping hand to those in need. No wonder why the soul sister has been getting blessings. Her foundation has been on the forefront of donating goods and money to those on the streets as well those living with HIV and AIDS.

It seems all is well in her life and Olinda continues to spoil herself with me things every time. Most women have been amazed at her strength, independence and resilience even without having to rely on a ma

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