Parking fees to be paid in US dollar

Parking fees have been hiked once again. Most people have been fuming at the latest pronouncement by the city fathers of yet another increase in parking fees. From 20 rtgs and hour, you are now required to pay US 1 dollar for parking for an hour or the equivalent interbank exchange rate. This has enraged a lot o people who feel the city council is shortchanging them.

Others have highlighted the need for city council to put in place measures to ensure that corrupt activities are nipped in the bud considering that some parking officials often make good with money collected from motorists. The issue has caused furore with most people saying they can no longer afford to park their cars in designated spots in town.

Those whose offices are located in town with no provision for parking space are the worst hit. Most of them have said they would rather leave their cars at home as they can not afford to pay for parking daily with such exhorbitant fees being charged.

City council has come under fire many times for collecting a lot of money from citizens without putting it to proper use. Most roads in town are delapidated, with pot holes and gorges being the main features while utilities such as water are non existent. The council has often spoken about having to pay debts and salaries for its workers, but then again providing services remains an essential part of their duties

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