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Pokello’s “confessions” back with a bang

Pokello’s secret confessions are back with a bang. The socialite had been hosting an Instagram show where she invites her followers to reveal their innermost secrets which she later publishes without revealing the author. She had temporarily stopped the show but the queen of swagger is now back at it in full force.

The confessions are done on a Sunday. Pokello usually jokes that since it is a church day, most people ought to come and confess in her platform about their shenanigans. The stories that most people talk about are stranger than fiction leaving one to wonder what has become of our society. These include issues of women cheating on their husbands with their friends, men sleeping with their wives brothers, women making men take care of non existent babies and so forth. The show has exposed the state of affairs in the country with people no longer valuing their morals and giving more respect to money.

Most people have hailed Pokello for hosting such an exciting online show. Indeed, the socialite has even become more popular because of the initiative.

Pokello’s show is also one of its kind. With her large number of followers and and influential position she is able to rope in thousands of people every Sunday. The confessions have also revealed that no man is a saint. Almost everyone has that one little secret that they might even carryto the grave

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