“Police officers collapsing of hunger” Godwin Matanga speaks

Commissioner General of Police Godwin Matanga has opened up about the challenges facing his officers. In a touching message the police chief whip said officers were collapsing while on duty due to hunger. They are failing to perform their duties efficiently because of lack of food.

The situation in the country has indeed made an impact on most people especially those in the civil service. The rising cost of food has made it difficult for most people to access food. Civil servants earn between USD 20-60 making it virtually impossible to survive. Commissioner Matanga appealed for relief for his officers whom he said are suffering greatly.

Last week nurses went in strike and it is imminent that the rest of the civil service will join in. Even the fifty percent salary increase and USD covid incentive has done nothing to quell down the tempers of civil servants. What made people furious was the pronouncement made that the USD incentive would be deposited into Nostro accounts and the recipients would have to access them using the interbank exchange rate.

Most people are facing hardships during this lockdown period. The rising cost of living and failure to earn any income has caused suffering. Police officers are not the only group that is facing challenges. It remains to be seen whether the situation will change as price of goods continues to skyrocket

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