Star Fm listeners sad over Phathisani’s departure

Word moving around is that Star Fm will part ways with one of their most seasoned DJ’s today. Phathisani is rumoured to be leaving the radio station to pursue other opportunities. The presenter was a hit with fans and livened up things at the station.

Phathisani was born in 1977 and studied musicology. He has passion in music. He loves zimdancehall, local classics and house music. He is fluent in many languages including Shona, Nyanja, Ndebele, Shona, Kalanga and Tswana. He was one of the most sought after radio presenters having won several awards.

Phathisani was famous for his drive time show with KVG. The duo entertained fans with their hillarious jokes and little drama acts that livened up radio. It is not clear why the seasoned presenter has decided to par ways with Star Fm but what remains clear is that things will not be the same at the station since he was one of their best presenters. Listeners are crying foul over the break up between himself and KVG since they made a formidable radio team. The two of them also graced roadshows and events and we’re inseparable.

The rumour mill also has it that fellow presenter Tilda is set to leave the station soon. Tilda is popular for her shows that depict real life issues and strange things happening around the country

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