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Stunner cleared of rape allegations

Stunner must be breathing a sigh of relief after being cleared of rape allegations. The outspoken rapper was alleged to have raped his wife’s young sister. The claim was made by his wife Dyonne. She posted on her status and asked Stunner why he had been raping her little sister and threatening to kill her.

Dyonne went on to unfollow Stunner on her social media handles. The issue had caused furore online with many women lashing out at the hip hop chanter and accusing him of taking advantage of young girls. It later emerged that the said mainini had no been raped.

A report by a Doctor at Parktown hospital set the record straight and noted that the girl is still a virgin and there were no visible signs of penetration. The news came as a welcome relief to most fans of the rapper who had stood by him during the time the allegations were made.

There seems to be trouble in the Dziva paradise and most people have been wondering what the two have been up to. Stunner and Dyonne have a daughter together. The two started their relationship when Stunner was still married to Stunner. Although they seems to share a rosy affair, skeletons came tumbling out of their closet. The latest allegations of rape confirmed fears of the two having issues in their relationship.

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