The most evil nurses in history

Nurses are known for their kind hearts and caring nature but this is not always the case. There have been documented cases where these angels of mercy have turned into merchants of the devil. The ongoing nurses strike has revealed the importance of health personnel in our society. Stories of people dying in hospitals and pregnant women having to give birth unassisted have become common
We profile the most evil nurses in the history of mankind.

1 Genene Jones
Between May and December 1981, 20 infants died at Bexar hospital in Texas USA. An enquiry cleared Jones of the mystery since she was managing that wing. She was however caught in the deep end when she resigned and bodies started mounting up at her new job. She was investigated for more than forty murders and convicted to 99 years in prison.

2 Waltraud Wagner
He and three other nursing assistants were convicted of murdering patients at the hospital they worked in Austria. He had started his killing spree 8 years earlier before being nabbed and later in recruited the others. He gave lethal injections to the elderly and terminally ill. The group also used to down water down the throats of their victims leading to drowning.

3 Richard Angelo
This 26 year old was convicted of creating dangerous medical emergencies for patients and later rushing to help. He said he wanted to feel as if he was in charge and end up looking like he knew what he was doing when I’m fact he didn’t. He worked as an emergency medical technician at a hospital in New York. He is believed to have killed at least ten people. Luck ran out for him when a patient spotted him putting something into his drip. He was able to dial the call button before passing out. When he was revived, he revealed the whole truth.

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