Those spreading coup rumours to be arrested soon

Minister of Defence Cde Oppah Muchinguri has promised that those posting reports of an imminent coup will soon be arrested. The minister said government was aware of the identity of those reporting about a coup and will be striking very soon

Speculation is high that a coup is imminent. With the current economic crisis, a crumbling health system and general poverty, there have been rumours about a coup being planned. People seem to be hopeful of a repeat of the 2017 movement that toppled the late former president Robert Mugabe. Oppah Muchinguri has promised that those spreading such falsehoods will brought to book.

It is not clear what section of the criminal code the said people will be charged under if they are arrested. People have found themselves on the wrong side of the law for offences such as insulting the president or making false reports to the police.

Although the minister made the announcement of people facing arrest, it seems rumours keep spreading of a coup being on the cards.

Some people have heeded the call by the defence minister and others have confessed their fears considering that such offences often carry weighty jail sentences.

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