Top 5 things that you should never say to a sick person

1 Are you sure you are using the right doctor
This question leaves the patient feeling anxious and wondering whether they are receiving the best care. Never cast doubt on one’s medical care as this might leave them even more sick that they originally were.

2 My relative had the same illness and managed to make it through or did not manage
You may think it is good to share anecdotes of other people’s diagnoses but it is not. Patients and their families don’t like to hear other people’s horror stories.

3 You will probably be fine

You don’t know if this is true. You may feel comfortable saying words of assurance but saying such a statement may make you look like you are removed from the situation. A better approach would be to say, “I’m sorry your family has to go through this”.

4 You have to stay positive
People have different ways of coping with pain and telling someone how they ought to react to their illness is a bit selfish. You must also be considerate and empathetic at the same time. Do not dictate emotions

4 Have you tried this supplement or a cure I read online
In spite of your best intentions, offering medical advice annoys most people. Especially when you are not a doctor

5 How did you get that disease
It is a question that the patient may be asking herself too without having an answer. It might be something that she might not feel comfortable to discuss. Illness makes no sense and unfortunately no one is immune

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