Top 8 teas to keep you warm this winter

The cold weather can dampen your spirits. Indeed the freezing weather has caused so much discomfort for many. But not to worry, as the temperatures drop, here are some teas to warm you up this winter.

1 Ginger tea
Ginger is the master of healing. Kickstart your day with a hot cup of ginger tea. It will keep you warm for the entire day. Ginger also prevents nausea, vomiting and flue.

2 Sage tea
Sage is a herb that is used to make medicines. Sage tea is ideal for brain functioning. It also helps in digestion, including stomach pain, bloating, diarrhoea and heartburn.

3 Lemon and pepper tea.
This is made by boiling some water and then adding some pepper, honey and turmeric in the mug. This tea acts as a detoxing agent as well.

5 Hot vanilla Chai tea
This is a combination of water, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cardamon and cinnamon sticks. All these Ingredients have health benefits.

6 Dandelion latte
It helps is helpful in liver cleansing

7 Apple cinnamon tea
It is the most classical of all winter flavours. With real cinnamon chips, apple pieces and a bit of rooibos for an earthly sweet note and soothing marigold, this blend was created to satisfy the palates of all cinnamon tea lovers. It goes well with honey and milk.

8 Plum spice tea
Cinnamon, ginger,plums, cranberries,apples and hibiscus are all tossed into some boiling water for a flavourful result

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