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Van Choga meets his match in AY Poyoo

Van Choga has been likened to Ghanaian singer AY Poyoo sparking a heated social media debate on who is the best between the two. The two artists share a lot of similarities and they strange style has attracted a lot of attention.

Ay Poyoo became an overnight internet sensation following the release of his single titled “Am a goat”. While most social media users are aware that goat refers to greatest of all time, AY seems to have his own interpretation, that of being a real natural goat. His song features some goats while the young artist chants that he is indeed a goat. The video is so hillarious and most people who have watched it have confessed to have shed tears of laughter. AY also has another single titled swimming pools which features him in a muddy pool of water as he parades his amateur swimming moves.

AY is indeed comic in nature and could pass off as a comedian. However our very own local product Van Choga also has his own tricks up his sleeve. The singer has his own signature style and could easily be mistaken for a hobo. His energetic moves have earned him a reputation as one of the most hyper active artists in he music industry.

Van Choga’s antics are certainly a hit with local media. Others have advised him to sing in English so that his music can reach out to the international audiencr

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