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“You have ugly souls” Tino Chinyani lashes out at fellow Zimbos

Tino Chinyani is the latest celebrity to speak out against nasty comments by his fellow countrymen. The hunky model recently posted a hot pic of himself with a jacket open at the front exposing his sexy abs and a jean dropped downwards thereby exposing part of his underwear.

While the ladies drooled at him, the model was not spared some mean comments by other social media users. A barrage of sinister remarks aimed at the young model left him feeling nothing but angered at his fellow Zimbabweans.

Chinyani was labelled a prostitute, a bad example to youths and many other negative names. He responded and wrote, ” I live where I’m from but real talk some of y’all have ugly souls. Have a blessed day though”. Chinyani was evidently hurt by the comments.

Last year, Chinyani sent social media into overdrive when he posted a picture of himself in the bathroom with nothing but a towel around his waist. He received the same negative energy and vibes but stood his ground when people suggested that he was now becoming more of a sex symbol.

In spite of having achieved massive success in his career, Chinyani has often opened up about the struggles that models face. He said there there is stigma attached to his trade and most people are ignorant if real art and modelling. This has not however stopped him from scooping major endorsements from big companies such as Vodacom.

Chinyani has also been growing his fan base. Last year, he hosted a grooming class that attracted scores o people. He also had the opportunity to premiere on Flying fish ads. The future looks bright for the young model but here and again he is bound to face negativity

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