#Zimbabweans must fall sends Twitter into overdrive

South Africans have launched a scathing attack on Zimbabwean nationals in their country. The #Zimbabweans must fall movement has become such a phenomenon in South Africa such that most people are fearful of a xenophobic attack soon.

The issue has become such a big deal and twitter is trending with the movement. South African nationals tweeted their grievances against people from Zimbabwe. These included issues of Zimbabweans taking up their jobs in restaurants, malls and supermarkets as well as the crime rate which they allege has risen because of Zimbabwean criminals. Some posted incidents of cable theft by Zimbabweans, rape cases involving Zimbabweans as well as robberies. They demanded that people from their neighbouring country take to their heels and return to their motherland.

South Africans on Twitter are alleging that they are peaceful and law abiding citizens but it is the Zimbabwean lot that is causing havoc in their country by engaging in crime. Last year, a series of xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans and Nigerians sent chills down the spines of many people. A lot of foreign nationals were injured and killed during the attacks. There is speculation that such attacks might be launched especially in the wake of the covid 19 pandemic. Most people are not getting any income hence the disgruntlement over foreigners going to work and earning a living. The #Zimbabweans Must Fall movement has taken over twitter

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