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Zuva Habane hailed as an angel of mercy

Zuva Habane has been hailed as an angel of mercy during this difficult period by Zimbabweans living in South Africa. The former model commonly known by her alias, Urban tete, has been giving out food hampers to people from her home country living in South Africa.

Zuva has been on an initiative of roping in sponsors to donate food items which she in turn gives to those hard hit by the effects of the corona virus. Most Zimbabweans in South Africa are currently battling to make a living, let alone buy food. Zuva has been moving around South Africa and assisting people with the much needed basic food items during this period.

In spite of bad publicity in the past, Zuva has emerged the people’s champion. A recent video that she shared on social media left viewers touched over her heart of gold.

Other celebrities that have been lending a helping hand to those in need include Olinda Chapel who, through her foundation, set up a soup kitchen and has been donating various items to the less privileged.

Zuva is known for her bubbly character and infectious smile. Her role in helping others has been commended by most.

Zuva has called on all those willing to assist to get in touch with her. Smiles of gratitude could be seen emanating from the faces of those that received their food parcels from the former model. Zuva has been handing out some vegetables, mealie meal, toiletries and other basic necessities to various Zimbabweans

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