Anna Honde, Madam boss speak on the struggles of women during that time of the month

Anna Honde, a popular social media influencer has opened up a debate online about the issue of women struggling when they go on their period. She highlighted the plight of most women who fail to buy proper sanitary wear and have to resort to using socks or pieces of cloth. Anna said the situation is real for most women and the high prices of pads make it especially hard for them to maintain their hygiene during their menstrual days.

These sentiments were also uttered by Madam boss who seconded Anna and said she had experienced that kind of life herself. Madam boss said she was forced to use socks and paper at one time. She said the end result was an itchy and sore genital area for days.

Women from underprivileged communities struggle during that time of the month. In some rural areas, some girls are forced to use cow dung and leaves as sanitary wear. The situation has become serious even for those living in urban areas as they have to contend with using rags, socks and tissue paper posing a health hazard to them.

Last year former Zanu of legislator Killer Zivhu went in a nationwide campaign to hand out pads to women. He even gave pads to men and advised them to give them to their wives. The government also scrapped off duty on sanitary pads but this has not eases the problem that women face

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