Customers fume at Econet service disruption

Econet clients have been fuming over the loss of internet connection for the past two days. Econet users woke up to a frustrating day with virtually no internet connection. Requesting for information such as balance enquires and buying airtime also proved to be an impossible task as the system kept reflecting that it was busy.

Those that rely on the use of the Econet wifi had a tough time trying to get their projects of the ground.While Econet issued an official statement apologising for the service interruption, this did little to cool down tempers as customers lashes out at the telecommunications company for poor service and for leaving them stranded at a crucial time. What really caused the service interruption? Econet was not forthcoming with a clear explanation but merely said a technical problem had been noted by their engineers and normal service would be restored.

Speculation was however high that the issue of a planned demonstration on 31 July had caused the shutdown. This would not be the first time that internet services have been suspended due to planned demonstrations.

It was only on Friday that service was restored. Econet has the largest customer base in the country with people being drawn to it for services such as Ecocash and their WiFi packages. It has managed to penetrate the telecoms market beating competition from competitors such as Telecel and Netone. People are hoping that the 31st July movement will not cause yet another internet shutdown

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