Doctors scoff at pathetic care package from ED

Doctors in Zimbabwe have expressed disapointment over the appreciation donations they received from President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government for fighting Covid-19. The doctors as well as other frontline health personnel who are at the forefront fighting against the coronavirus, received care packages from the President.

According to some of the doctors, the pathetic care packages which were donated in appreciation for their services fighting the coronavirus included the following 2 Kilograms of Sugar, 2 Kilograms of Rice, 2 Kilograms of Flour, 2 Kilograms of Salt, 2 Litres of Cooking Oil and 2 Litres of Cordial. The appreciation care packages did not seem to sit well with some doctors who took to social media and called on the government to focus on giving them sustainable remuneration instead of handing out freebies.

Doctors and nurses are amongst some of the poorly paid members of the civil service. Last month they demanded better salaries prompting government to announce a 50 percent salary increase as well as a 75 USD Nostro payment. The medical fraternity is generally compromised at the moment due to their disgruntlement.

Doctors, nurses and other health personnel have voiced their disdain about paltry pay and impoverished working conditions. Nurses are currently on strike and have been saying that they will not go back to work unless the government gives them a living wage commensurate with their skills and the perils of their jobs

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