ED loses 20 000 Twitter followers

ED’s woes never seem end. His initiative of being the listening president by engaging people from various walks of life on social media may have been watered down by a recent campaign. Opposition party activists have been on a campaign to unfollow him on Twitter and have been advising other people to follow suit. This has resulted in ED losing about 20 000 followers on his Twitter page.

The heavy blow comes at a time when the president is trying to get in touch with ordinary citizens through the use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. He constantly updates his followers on government projects, investment issues as well as recent economic policies. He also responds to tweets regurlaly.

Opposition party activists started a smear campaign on ED and called on people to unfollow him on Twitter. They justified the movement by citing the worsening economic situation as well as erosion of salaries due to hyper inflation. It seems their efforts yielded some results as evidenced by the massive unfollowing on Twitter.

Most people have been shocked at the development with some feeling sorry for ED.

The president has been facing different headaches each day ever since he came into power. He has often claimed that a third force has been trying to sabotage him since his ascension to power. While most people had been thrilled at the idea of their president being in touch with his audience through the use of modern platforms of communication, it seems his efforts have been dealt a heavy blow. It remains to be seen whether he will lose more followers in the long run

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