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Freeman, Nox take fans down memory lane with throwback pic

Freeman and Nox have been the talk of social media following a recent throwback picture that was shared recently. The two could easily pass off as any other ordinary people.

Before the fame and glamour that the two now enjoy, they were jut ordinary people trying to work their way up in the music industry. What can be depicted from the picture, however, is that the duo has had a fine fashion taste from back in the days. Freeman is particularly famous for his good fashion choices and is always dressed to kill in his music videos.

Freeman rose to fame with songs such as Joina City while Nox, being regarded as one of the pioneers of urban grooves music churned out various love songs that were hits. The two have indeed come a long way to claim the top spot in the showbiz industry.

A frail and gaunt looking Freeman as seen in the picture is a far cry from the fresh looking artist that we know. Likewise Nox is also pictured looking plain and simple,unlike the man of swag that people know now.

The throwback image has invoked so many memories for the singers’ fans. Indeed the heydays have been labelled as glorious and exciting as the two artists led a movement that led to the polarisation of zimdancehall music and urban grooves

Both artists are doing very well and enjoying massive success.

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