Health minister sacked

A recent statement by the Chief secretary to the president and cabinet Dr J Sibanda has done nothing to soften people. The secretary announced the removal of Dr Obadiah Moyo from his office of cabinet minister with immediate effect. The reason cited is that of conduct inappropriate for a government minister.

Dr Moyo was the health minister and has had frequent squabbles with medical personnel ever since he was appointed to that post. His days in office were characterised by an ailing health system .

His days were indeed numbered and the last straw came when it was unearthed that he had signed off and approved some documents relating to the procurement of covid 19 equipment in which the figures were inflated. It emerged that government had been prejudiced of millions of dollars.

The scandal caused widespread discontent and people had called for the arrest of the minister which was done. He has now been dealt another blow and the minister has now found himself jobless.

The health system in Zimbabwe is quite pathetic. With dilapidated infrastructure, disgruntled workers who are on an ongoing strike and total failure, the minister was known to be one of the worst cabinet appointments ever.

Most people have however expressed that this might be yet another “catch and release” strategy by the Zimbabwe Anti-corruption commission. Of all the high profile cases they have handled, only one matter was finalised. The former deputy minister of energy S Undenge was convicted and sentenced to two years in jail.

Dr Moyo is believed to have acted in connivance with the directors of a company known as Drax international who were also arrested and released on bail to prejudice government some money by inflating figures of goods acquired

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