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“I do not perform for less than 10 000 US dollars” Buffalo Souljah

Buffalo Souljah does not come cheap. The dancehall guru shocked many people when he recently announced that he does not do gigs for less than 10 000 US dollars. The singer said most people have been hitting him up online for live shows but he is simply not interested because he does not perform for less than ten grand.

Buffalo Souljah has established himself firmly within the music industry. His impressive career profile speaks for itself. The award winning artist is famous for his hard hitting tunes and charisma.

The fact that he can easily turn down an opportunity to perform if it does not meet his demands shows that Buffalo Souljah has become a brand. Most young and upcoming artists would jump at the chance. Buffalo is clearly not one to compromise his standards.

Buffalo Souljah is however a good mentor and loves to uplift fellow musicians. At one point he called on for local artists to unite and to speak positively of each other if ever they should make it in the industry. He has also been on the forefront of teaching local singers to make music that appeals to the international community. Well we guess his hard work over the years has paid off

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