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“Is Sandra Ndebele a mere distraction” Social media users question.

Sandra Ndebele has been crashing the internet with some hot pics. The singer and actresses has not been holding her horses. She is definitely not backing down from giving her best online.

Most people who knew the singer as a slender looking and unsophisticated singer have been shocked of late by her gorgeous transformation. Some have been comparing her to socialite Pokello and a beauty contest between Harare and Bulawayo has been on the cards.

People have been too amused at looking at Sandra’s stunning pictures that some have even labelled her a distraction. One social media fan said Sandra can be viewed as someone sent to distract people from the real issues affecting them such as the current economic crisis, the covid 19 pandemic and such other issues.

Sandra has always been a person with great taste and her transformation has been brewing over time. Her pictures have indeed placed her on the list of the most famous people online at the moment

Comparison has also been drawn between Sandra and Madam boss. A plethora of mixed opinions have been shared on social media with regards to the two ladies. While they share various similarities such as curvy figures and heavily built frames, there have been different views on who is better looking than the other.

Sandra rose to fame with songs such as Mama. She also branched into acting. She seemed to have gone quiet until a few years ago that she resurected with new songs. She is famous for her dance moves and electric stage presence

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