Jada Pinkett’s Entanglement gains momentum on social media

The topical issue on social media these days is that of Jada Smith and her husband Will. The two opened up a can of worms about their marriage recently on Jada’s red table talk show.

What started off as a normal conversation between two married people quickly escalated into something big, when Jada professed to have dated August Alsina at a time the couple had some issues.

Of course, it is no secret that Will and Jada have had an open marriage since they got married in 1997,but this bombshell seems to have generated so much interest. Will called the adulterous affair with Alsina an entanglement.

Social media has been flooded with memes and jokes about the issue. While some have given a thumbs up to Jada for revealing the truth and standing boldly for her marriage, others have come guns blazing at her for cheating. Will in the other hand has been said to be too soft on his woman.

Jada and Will have two kids and have always maintained that their relationship and marriage is an open one. Either spouse is allowed to fantasize about other people they would like to date. The issue has caused furore online and most local people have called it a classic case of “mashura” meaning very strange behaviour.

Celebrities such as Sani Makhalima have had a few jokes about the entanglement issue while even corporates like Stanbic bank have made ads on the issue

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