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Kim Jayde advises people to wear a face mask in the coolest way ever

Zimbawean model and television presenter Kim Jayden recently had fans eating out of the palm of her hands as she shared a cute message on wearing a face mask. The gorgeous model out across her views on wearing a face mask and encouraged people to do the same in the coolest way ever.

Clad in a sexy blue two piece bikini, with unzipped denim trousers, Kim wrote on social media,” Save a life!Wear a mask! All the cool kids are doing it”. Most people were immediately blown away by her dress code and could fully comprehend her message.

Kim is an MTV presenter and has made in big in the modelling industry in South Africa. The Bulawayo born star is such a sensation on the runway as well as in front of the cameras. With the alarming rise in the number of covid 19 cases on South Africa, the model really managed to encourage people to wear a mask as she shared the image.

South Africa recently made it to the top four countries with the highest recorded number of new infections in a day. Other countries at the top were the United States, Brazil and India.

Kim’s encouragement indeed came at the right time as the world battles to control the spread of the virus. Zimbabwe has also seen an escalating rise of local transmissions prompting government to put in place measures to control the spread of the virus such as enforcing a ban on entering the CBD

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