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Madam boss reveals her favorite sport

Madam boss had fans in stitches as they reminisced down memory lane. The comedian asked her followers what their favorite sport was as they grew up. She revealed her own favorite sport that she loved when she was still a young school going kid.

Madam boss said she was a star at Traditional dance. She remarked,”Apa ndandiri dofo remakoko asi ndaipihwa hangu price patraditional dance”. She even have the actual names of the dances that she could nail. Madam boss said she was an expert at dancing to muchongoyo and dandanda. She said she was always proud whenever her peers and teachers praised her for being the best at traditional dance. She always won a prize in that department.

Madam boss loves to engage her followers over their likes and dislikes as well as their pay experiences. She often shares her own life experiences in the most hillarious way. A look at the glamorous comedian and her current lifestyle would make one think her past escapades are something out of a fiction book.

Madam boss said her dancing talent however backfired for her at times. She said her mother would at times scold her for not being able to do anything else except dancing to traditional music. The comedian has indeed come a long way. She is proof that one can achieve greatness in life in spite of coming from humble beginnings

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