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Mai Titi accused of being a bully

Mai Titi has received a lot of backlash from social media users after she went after a blogger. The comedian and singer caused a stir online when she claimed to be looking for a local blogger whom she wanted to sort out. The blogger known as Kupaidea had posted a series of videos making fun of the comedian and taking a jab at her HIV status.

This did not go down well with Mai Titi who promised to sort the boy out. She even appealed to the public to help her locate the blogger and offered a reward of US 500 dollars.

Most people said the comedian ought to take a chill pill. They said being a public figure meant that she was prone to receiving such criticism and invasion of privacy. They advised her to leave the boy alone. What worried most was the alleged punishment that she promised to unleash on the blogger.

Fortunately enough, the boy apologises before the comedian could lay her hands on him. Mai Titi has been tormented many times because of her HIV status. At one point, she even broke down and said she had not contracted the disease willingly. She is however one strong character and has managed to make a name for herself amid tough competition. Mai Titi is currently enjoying success on the musical field with her song Utange neni trending on Trace Africa.

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