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Mai Titi donates to orphans at Mt Hampden

Mai Titi has once again extend a helping hand to those in need. The outspoken comedian, singer and entrepreneur donated various goods to the orphans at Mt Hampden. The plight of the children housed at the orphanage was made public last week. So pathetic were their living conditions that the comedian decided to step in.

The kids were said to live in two shacks with barely enough blankets and resources. One baby touched the hearts of many as he was said not to have any clothes or food fit for a child his age.

Mai Titi and her daughter mobilised funds and donated lots of goods including blankets, food and clothes. She later on extended gratitude to those that had also contributed to the cause. Mai Titi wrote on social media,”A big thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the Mt Hampden kids. We managed to go there again today and delivered groceries, clothes,shoes,gas stove and many other things that some of you bought. Only God knows how he is going to reward you”.

Mai Titi is no stranger to donating to those in need. Last year she gifted young orphans at an orphanage in Mbare as part of her Christmas donations. She has also been helping out a lot of other people. Her kind heart has been commended by many of her followers.

Social media users also applauded the comedian for involving her daughter in such humanitarian initiatives saying she was setting a good example

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