Mai Titi, Zuva Habane have their eyes set on Tee Mak

Mai Titi and Zuva Habane took to social media to show their appreciation of artist Tee Mak after his hot photos flooded the internet. The young artist recently released the video to his song “Songs of love” and boy did he look hot. This seems to have appealed to the two ladies who openly confessed that they had found him irresistible.

Mai Titi even said a prayer to the almighty asking to be spared what she termed a “temptation”. She said Tee Mak was just looking too good and she was failing to control herself. The image that has caused so much commotion shows Tee Mak in an unbuttoned shirt, showing off all his abs and putting on a cute bad boy face.

Mai Titi is no stranger to having a thing for younger man and was previously hooked to Zizo, another music artist who was years younger than her.

Zuva Habane also confessed that if Tee Mak wasn’t so young, she would have gone after him. She was however urged to follow her heart by her followers and strike the iron while it is still blazing hot.

Tee Mak has literally blown over the internet with his pictures. The video has also been trending on social media having been directed by one of the best directors in the field, Blaqs. With his seemingly bad boy attitude and a sexy model alongside him, Tee Mak certainly upped his game on the video.

Fans are waiting on the two ladies to act on their feelings and crossing their fingers on who would strike the good first. Mai Titi held an exclusive interview with Tee Mak a few weeks ago, after rumours surfaced that he is gay. He set the record straight and said he is not.

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