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Man accused of being weak on social media by wearing a zambia speaks out

Various videos have been doing the rounds on social media making a mockery of local men. One such video is that of a man identified as Mcsebelebe who was recorded dancing to a song while wearing a zambia. The man has been trending on social media.

Most people commented that local men are weak as they tend to focus on such funny things rather than bread and butter issues. Others said sub men could not be expected to stage the demonstration slated for 31 July. Mcsebelebe was breathing fire when he responded on social media recently. He was fuming with anger and claimed at the nasty comments.

He said dancing could have been his own way of dealing with the current hardships that everyone is facing in the country. He further clarified that wearing a zambia was not a sign of weakness. He was clearly angry and said he will not fall victim to social media trolls who are in the habit of mocking other people.

It has now become a common phenomenon on social media for people to take personal videos of men and then claim that local men are weak. Mcsebelebe was not amused at all by the backlash his video received on social media.

He said he is facing hardships just like every other Zimbabwean and that he is also rooting for things to get better.

Well we guess the safest way for anyone not to ensure bitter social media comments would be to abstain from sharing content that raises eyebrows

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