Mixed reactions over US 3.5 billion land compensation deal

There has been outrage over a recent deal entered into between the government and former white farmers whose land was taken during the land reform programme. Nick Mangwana recently announced that the government had decided to give a payout of US 3.5 billion dollars as compensation to all white farmers whose land was taken during the Mugabe era.

While the issue of compensating the white farmers might seem like a noble idea and one of the reasons that could see sanctions being lifted against the country, the amount has appalled many. Taxpayers have bemoaned their hard earned cash which they believe will be used to pay the huge compensation payout.

The agricultural sector was vibrant and thriving before land was recommissioned to black owners. Sanctions were also piled on the country crippling the economy and causing a crisis. People have scoffed at government for having misplaced priorities. During this period when covid 19 is wreaking havoc and causing a lot of deaths, some people feel like more resources must be channelled towards that cause.

Social media has been full of comments about the crippled health sector. Most hospitals do not have enough resources and the situation has been getting worse over the years. It was reported that 7 babies died during childbirth recently at Harare hospital. Social media users have encouraged government to address bread and butter issues first.

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