Mudiwa Hood not on market

Mudiwa Hood recently confirmed that he and his wife of two years Angelica have since gone their separate ways. The rapper said it is not a habit of his to address his personal issues online

He however felt the need to defend himself following allegations that he cheated on his Portuguese wife Angelica. Mudiwa vehemently denied ever having had an extra marital affair and challenged Angelica to prove her claims. He said she should put forward evidence of dates and details of the alleged cheating. Mudiwa also confirmed that the two have since gone their separate ways.

Mudiwa said he has worked very hard to grow his brand and would not allow his enstranged wife to tarnish his good image.

The two are said to have separated in February with Angelica said to have gone overseas. She abandoned their two month old son then, with Mudiwa amid the cheating allegations.

Mudiwa said he would not want to smear his wife’s name but would rather not divulge any details of their marriage. He also said he is not open for an interview on the issue unless there was good money involved.

Mudiwa is currently regarded as one of the most popular names in Zim hip hop. He has previously won awards for his work and it seems he has embraced fatherhood.

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