Mudiwa’s ex wife living it up overseas

Mudiwa’s enstranged wife Angelica is clearly living it up overseas. She has been posting a series of images on her Instagram page showing just how much she is enjoying her life away from her husband. Angelica is said to have abandoned their young baby with the rapper and packed her bags for the other side of the world.

Angelica later claimed on social media that Mudiwa had cheated on her. She said he was also using their son to score some points. The rapper denied these claims but the bottom line is that the two are no longer together.

Angelica has been posting some cute pics of herself, enjoying some quality meals, taking care of her beauty and attending business meetings. She seems to be at peace.

The Portuguese born beauty has made it known that she is not back on the market. She even said she would publicly expose those that were hitting her up in her DM. Angelica said she is simply not yet ready to date. Judging by the look of things, she is more focused on reshaping her life.

Mudiwa on the other hand has had ladies drooling over him. News of his separation from his wife came as sweet music to the ears of some ladies. His social media pages have been flooded with comments from ladies showing interest in him

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