Mudiwa’s wife exposes his dirty little secret

The war between Mudiwa Hood and his wife seems to be raging on as evidenced by the latest developments on social media. Rumours of trouble in paradise were doing the rounds a few months ago.

Although the couple never made official statements about the issue, rumour had it that Mudiwa’s wife had packed her bags and left. The whole truth came tumbling out of the closet recently. Mudiwa shared an image of himself with his son and write that these were some father-son goals. Most people quicky reacted to the image and commented on how cute the duo looked.

A few moments later, Mudiwa’s wife passed a comment with her second Instagram account and said, “I will not allow my son being involved in this fake life and lies”. She further remarked,”This father who cheated on his wife now has a child he uses as another gimmick”.

The statement confirmed what most people were hoping not to be true, there is indeed no peace between the couple. Mudiwa’s wife is alleged to have left him soon after the birth of their son. It boggles the mind to know that just a few months after buying his wife a luxurious car and welcoming their son the two suddenly split up. The reason that has just come to light is that Mudiwa cheated on Anjelly. A few months ago, a fan had asked Mudiwa about the state of his marriage and he merely brushed the question aside. The little secret is now in the open and most people are rallying behind Mudiwa’s wife

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