Nox Guni’s wife caught on the wrong side

They say what happens in the dark usually comes to light. This seems to be the case for musician Nox Guni’s wife Tallyn. It appears the ghosts of the past are finally catching up with her. Some images alleged to have been
taken years ago have surfaced on social media with Tallyn and DK Mandla cosying up and doing stuff that one would have preferred to do in private

In the pictures Tallyn is seen clinging onto Dj Mandla while in another the two appear as if they are having a go at it. The images have caused furore on social media. While it has been confirmed that the pictures are not recent, their impact has been huge. Nox has not uttered a comment.

Of course everyone has some skeletons in their closet but fans have commented that these pictures could wreak havoc on Tallyn and Nox’s marriage. Others have said people must not judge and that Nox has had his own fair share of controversies over the years.

Tallyn and Nox were hitched last year. Although most people had our their stamp of dissaproval on their relationship, they stood their ground. Tallyn and Nox were evidently hooked to each other and although No has been known to be a ladies man, he vowed to mend his ways. The recent pictures have set tongues wagging with fellow women labelling Tallyn as someone not regarded as wife material

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