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Nude actress arrested in Ghana

The Ghanaian actress who caused a stir last week on social media for posting a nude photo of herself in front of her son has since been arrested. Rosemond Alade Brown commonly known as Akuapem Poloo was arrested after social media went into over her picture in which she faces her seven year old son in her birthday suit. The son is pictured wearing only his underwear.

According to Ghanaweb Poloo was picked up by operatives of Ghana’s Criminal investigation Department and was sent to the headquarters of the Domestic violence and Victim support unit. The actress indeed had tongues wagging with the weird photo shoot and most people could just but feel.sorrey for her son who had to witness his mother naked.

The photo was taken in celebration of her son’s birthday. Apparently, the actress wanted to show her son how he had into the world, naked. This raised eyebrows and the unforgiving streets of social media were flooded with nasty comments. Most people labelled the act as abuse. Ghana is known as a conservative state and it boggles the mind why the actress had to go to such lengths to for a birthday shoot.

Although nudity has become such a common thing of late, the major concern was that a young child was sucked info the whole drama. Most people said the actions of the actress were clearly a violation of basic children’s rights. Those within religious circles said a child should never have to see their parent naked.

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