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Olinda Chapel heartbroken by ExQ

Urban grooves crooner ExQ commonly known as Mr Putiti recently left his fans feeling sorry for him after opening up about the struggles that artists are facing during this covid era. The singer said all is not well in camp as the lockdown intensifies.

Exq said he has been so excited that his song with Tocky Vibes ‘Wakatemba’ had reached a million views on You tube without a video prompting the two to release one. The video was well received by fans and has been trending. He however clarified that’s the whole excitement has since vanished considering the stark reality that the singer finds himself in. He said he feels sad because things are not well. He further claimed that there are currently no shows for artists due to covid 19 and this is causing distress. He wrote,”Nzara yatikwadza no shows/Deng Basa, corruption ikukwadza nekuside. It’s now a dog eat dog world”.

Most people could not help but feel sorry for their favorite ladies man whose plight touches their hearts. Among those affected by the message was Olinda Chapel who urged people to support their local artists by buying music from official platforms. She said the message had been heartbreaking.

Musicians are really struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic. With no shows being allowed and piracy taking its toll, they are left with very little options of making money. Of course people like Passion Java and Tinashe Mutarisi have been lending in a helping hand by organising online shows for artists but that has not eliminated the suffering of all the musicians in Zimbabwe

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