Outrage over drivers smuggling bodies of corona victims from South Africa

There has been panic over videos and audio messages being shared on social media about truck drivers snuggling dead bodies Covid 19 victims into the country. The videos show truck drivers hiding wrapped bodies and coffins under boxes of groceries and other equipment. This has been cause for concern as the number of cases continues to skyrocket in the country.

It has emerged from the videos and audios that some trick drivers and grocery runners, commonly known as “malaicha” are being paid by relatives of those that would have died of the corona virus in South Africa. They then bury the bodies under heaps of groceries that would have been ordered by other people from South Africa. Due to the way in which their trucks will be heavily loaded with groceries, they easily smuggle the bodies into the country undetected by customs officials.

When they arrive in the country, they actually go and deliver the bodies at their respective homes. One truck driver confessed that wherever he delivered the bodies, cases of covid 19 would be reported. This has caused widespread panic and people are now scared to order groceries and clothing items from South Africa.

There has been an upsurge in the number of corona virus cases in South Africa and the counter is now in the top four countries with the highest recorded number of new infections in the world. This has had a corresponding effect on Zimbabwe as evidenced by the current increase in recorded cases. The situation has also been worsened by returnees fleeing from quarantine centres thereby exposing others to the virus.

The country is currently under lockdown with a curfew and other stringent measures to try and control the viral spread of the disease

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