Outrage over video of man battering female workers

A video that has been doing the rounds on social media has caused so much outrage. An unnamed Zimbabwean man, believed to be a Zanu PF official was recorded lining up his female workers and whipping them for an undisclosed offence. This has set tongues wagging.

Most people have been calling on for an end to violence against women and children. It is clear from the video that the women were first given raw chillies to eat before being battered with a pipe. So pathetic was the video that most women have been advocating for the man to be arrested. Others have said men should desist from taking the law into their own hands by subjecting their female workers to such abusive behaviour.

In this day and age, most people were actually shocked to learn that such practices still exist in some areas of the country. An employer, lining up beating up female workers, has been said to be an abominable act that calls for a thorough investigation to be done.

Violence is said to have increased during this lockdown period. Several videos have made their way to social media showing women being subjected to all kinds of abuse by their husbands, co workers and even fellow women. A few weeks ago, a woman was recorded assaulting and cutting another woman’s hair, alleging that the poor victim was having an affair with her husband. Such incidents have been said to block efforts of putting an end to violence

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