Passion Java’s alleged secrets exposed

Prophet Java has been under the spotlight following a plea made by his brother for help. The older brother to the man of cloth said he is currently living a pathetic life in South Africa after the person who was taking care of him booted him out. He also claimed that his rich and famous brother was not lending a helping hand.

Of course, the streets of social media were quick to judge the controversial man of God. He was blasted for being too flamboyant and flashing his assets yet his own brother could barely feed himself. But want later emerged watered down claims by the brother. Another brother took to social media to give clarity on the issue. It emerged that the said brother who claimed to have been neglected was actually given 10 000 dollars to enable him to come back home bug he blew it all up on alcohol and prostitutes. He was said to be a deliquent child who had thrown to the gutters every bit of help that the prophet had given him.

As the issue escalated on social media, celebrities such as Zuva Habane blasted Java’s brother for failing to take care of himself. They said he ought to take responsibility for his life and stop playing the blame game. Passion Java is known for digging deep into his pockets and helping other people so it actually came as a surprise that he had failed his own brother.

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