Pokello vents anger on allegations of being caught with US 1.5 million dollars cash

Pokello Nare was fuming recently as she responded to a popular blogging site Zim social media. The socialite seems to be wading off attacks from every corner of late. The site had reported that a certain socialite had been caught by officials from the Zimbabwe Anti corruption commission with a stash of cash amounting to US 1.5 million dollars. Their description of the said person pointed towards Pokello.

Zim social media also claimed that the person caught with the stash of cash was dating the president’s son and that upon being questioned she had revealed that it belonged to her boyfriend and that she was merely keeping it on his behalf. Pokello was rumoured to be dating ED’s son. The socialite responded to the allegations on social media and said she is now fed up of lies made up on her behalf.

Pokello went on a rant and wrote,” Zim social media stop, Every unwarranted lie you run with it with no evidence,just because it’s Pokello. You are now pushing it with the fabrications. 1.5 million? Ha just stop. It’s getting tired now. Attach V-11 or go to sleep!

Pokello was obviously cross at the allegations. Social media however had no kind words for the socialite and accused her of using her beauty to lure men and amass wealth.

Pokello has been trending online following yet another scandal. She was alleged to have uttered that local women do not bath at a conference held in Harare. She received major backlash over the allegations and it seems her popularity is waning with each passing day as allegations keep piling against her.

Pokello is one of the most popular faces in Zimbabwe. She is famous for having a fine taste in fashion. The recent allegations have been doing the rounds on social media

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